Back in Black (or should I say, brioche)

Say hello to cinnamon raisin bread’s sexy French cousin! This cardamom and currant brioche will liven up your morning toast or provide the perfect snack to go with your afternoon cup of tea.

There Will Be Blood (Oranges)

Oscar night dinner = this super moist blood orange upside down cake, bursting with citrus-y goodness. You may not be winning an Oscar yourself tonight, but add a dollop of homemade whipped cream and a glass of blood orange infused champagne and you’ll certainly feel like you’re winning at life!

Toffee Pecan Blondies

Well, it’s official–as of earlier this week, I’ve finally thrown off the sugar-free shackles of Whole30 and returned to the world of baking freedom!  Now, I have to confess, I’m technically a Whole30 failure, having quit a day early so that I could properly and thoroughly enjoy my meal at Bazaar Mar while I was…

Rum Spiced Date Loaf

Okay, so I know it isn’t fall anymore, but isn’t autumn really just a state of mind? And couldn’t we all use a little more spiced rum action in our lives? I certainly think so. This tasty loaf gets a nice punch from soaking the dates in rum for a good 30-60 minutes before baking, and the fall spices will make your kitchen smell amazing.

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Classic chocolate chip cookies are all well and good, but sometimes one needs a bit more chocolate decadence in a convenient cookie package. These double chocolate chunk cookies deliver in a big way, providing all the melty, chewy, chocolatey goodness you desire without the extra time and effort of, say, a devil’s food cake.

A Non-Baking Interlude

I know what you’re thinking: “This doesn’t look like a master *bake* to me…” Well, you’re right–having decided to try Whole30 for the month, I’ve been doing a whole lot of cooking over the past week, but tragically no baking. Though I plan to post about past bakes in the interim, I thought I’d throw in this super easy but totally tasty chicken salad recipe for those of you who, like me, are New Year’s resolutioning right now. Enjoy!

Orange Cardamom Bratseli Cookies

Looking for a cookie that’s both aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to your taste buds? You’ve come to the right place! These orange cardamom bratseli cookies are delicious, whether you leave them plain of drizzle them with dark chocolate, and their pretty pattern is sure to make your lazy Sunday afternoon cup of tea feel just a touch fancier.

Two Riffs on Peppermint Bark

With Christmas fast approaching, peppermint bark season is in full swing throughout grocery stores, chocolateries, and home kitchens the world over.  And oh what a glorious season it is!  If ever there was a match made in flavor heaven, peppermint and chocolate are certainly it. Generally speaking, I’m not a huge chocolate person.  Now, don’t…

Amaretti Cookies

Have I mentioned how much I love almond-flavored things? I have? Well, it bears repeating. I love almond-flavored things. And these tiny Italian treats are my latest almond obsession.

Cranberry Pie Bars

I know, I know – I’ve been negligent in my baking duties the last couple weeks.  Sometimes this whole “responsible adult” thing really gets in the way of my baking ambitions… But never fear! Holiday baking season is now officially in full swing and I have plenty of seasonal baking plans ahead (and responsible adult…